Life’s Notes, A Viewpoint from Blackness captures the essence of Ms. Parker, an incredible display of God-given artistic talent layered with flare, finesse, and a spirit of excellence.  This book is a must have.  Congratulations on the success of your greeting card business, PO&M.  Kenna, may many blessings fall upon you.  Continue letting your radiant heart and compassion for others shine through in your work.---Your sister in the literary arena---

--Patricia Haley (best selling author of Nobody’s Perfect and No Regrets)--

--Lawrence Stokes, Dallas, TX--

"Please click on the link to read Mr. Stokes personal testimony...Life's Notes"

--Sheila Hyde, Baton Rouge, LA--
Reading Life's Notes ... has made me stop and reflect on what is happening around me.  I never knew anyone else could know what I was feeling deep down.
This book was very inspirational. I love this quote in the book "I find a piece of me each day ... the puzzle almost complete ... soon I will be whole!"  I wish the author much success!

--Judith Ward, New Orleans, LA--
"Thought Provoking!"  This book was different and surprising ... I found myself turning the pages wondering what I would feel next. I have used some of the quotes when I speak at functions. What I really love about this little book is it has something for everyone. I really enjoyed reading this book!


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