Be Empowered & Inspired To Act! A Great Way To Start A Conversation About Life ... Love and Race ... Life’s Notes, “A Viewpoint From Blackness”

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Heavens Path

My Little Hero

Time For Me

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This first time author hopes her collection of poetry (vignettes) and a short story will break the walls of silence and cause each of us to think about the value of every human being. To explore the relationships in our communities, family and this country we live in. Kenna says, "Life's Notes ... has been therapy for my soul. This book allowed me to experience the emotions I couldn't verbalize.  It made me stop and reflect instead of reacting.  I hope my thoughts challenge people to talk ... share and hopefully experience what keeps us a part in our families, communities and this country.  It's the kind of book that you put on the kitchen table and past down from generation to generation".

The short story is called "The Dark Side Of The South", which explores the relationship of an African American girl named Gabby and her entire family.  Plus you'll enjoy the wonderful illustrations created by Kenna.