Illustration: Southern Girls


Stand on my shoulders .. Stand on those who came before you and reach to the heavens in the sky and pick oh such sweet fruit. A history of accomplishment, so your dreams can be complete. Just stand on my shoulders to climb this great mountain and prepare to compete. The thorns and  ditches  we will lead you through, donít worry trouble will not get the best of you.  Eyes of innocence exposed to see .. what can happen when the village extends its' hand to nurture another warrior to succeed. Stand on my shoulders ..  Stand on those who came before you.  Let our mistakes and successes enrich the soil where your limbs are trying to take root.  Time will move quickly and your turn will come soon and another will stand on your shoulders and enjoy oh such sweet fruit.

Heavens Path Is Where I will  Stay

When I wake up in the morning and I realize Iím OK.  When I touch my face and see a smile that means peace is on its way .. and when I close my eyes and remember all those sad yesterdays. I know time will take care of you .. and heavenís path is where Iíll stay. Every man and woman plants their own seeds and harvesting the fruit is easier every time we plant good deeds.  I know time will take care of you .. until you redeem your bad ways, so heavenís path .. is where Iíll stay.  Everybody is burden with trials along the way .. but those who find peace and forgiveness live to plant seeds another day.  So smile .. peace will come .. hurt is only short lived and another day youíll awake and a smile will greet you where a frown once was placed.  Time will take care of you .. heavenís path is where Iíll stay.


Three years old and no where to sleep .. my little hero sleeps on the street.  Six years of living and heís stealing bread .. my little hero keeping the family fed.  Nine .. Ten ..  Twelve, nothing has changed .. my little hero canít spell his name.  Sixteenth birthday and how did he celebrate .. robbed a man for a pocket watch and simply to wipe the smile off his face.  My little hero never had a chance .. too busy surviving while his mama shaked and danced.  My little hero .. buried six feet underground .. this time too many were looking to shoot him down. Children should not live like they are going to war. Born to mothers and fathers who abandon them like a broken car.  My little hero hope didnít arrive in time. So sleep in heaven and know that God will forgive your sins and eternal rest youíll find..  my little hero.  


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